Social Media Marketing Blockchain

[Harcomia]: Harmony Communication IA.

blockchain dedicated to communication marketing


Our Vision

The Harcomia team strives to create real added value for the blockchain ecosystem and Internet marketing in general through simple and effective tools and methods that are improved in the long term. These methods are based on three main criteria.

Advantage 1

An impressive and scalable platform that combines the integrity of all customers' networks on the same interface. A time saving that also brings better performance.

Advantage 2

Commitment of perspectives and a real enthusiasm of the communities thanks to targeted traffic, interactions and an incentive for the action that gives the brand authenticity.

Advantage 3

A thorough and comprehensive analysis of networks and their interaction to assess and improve the impact and effectiveness of a company or project's communication.

The Founders

Willy K.
Founder CEO

Adam S.

Development and Product

Mathieu G.

Alexis B.

Important part

The two main key points to remember about the Harcomia project

value 1

Harcomia is fully accessible to the cryptocurrency ecosystem in addition to traditional compagny

value 2

The major advantage of the project is its multi-network platform, easy and effective to maintain a quality communication, programmable over time.