Harcomia Feature Overview

Discover how Harcomia makes it easier for you to program,
manage and establish your visibility on social media.

Manage All Social Networks

Streamline your message

  • Register your networks easily and quickly on the platform and get a relevant overview of your entire ecosystem! Write news, select the desired networks and publish them in one single click. Five minutes of your day are too long for that!
  • Harcomia helps you organizing and using your Photos, Videos, links and publication templates in an intuitive library. It automatically generates publication previews for you and your team before publishing.
  • Schedule time for yourself, with all your content, Harcomia allows you to plan the contents ahead and automatically publishes everything for you.

The most beneficial aspect of using Harcomia is the ability to manage various social networks in one place. You can review responses, schedule post updates, interact with your customer network and ultimately manage your marketing goals.

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Stream / Spy and discover new content

Discover new content and be always informed

  • Get relevant tracking of your industry by grouping influencers, users, and bloggers in one news feed. A simple overview will bring you interesting emerging news from your field.
  • Do you want a very targeted follow-up? Harcomia offers you to sort, adjust and update your news feeds based on popularity or sharing criteria. You will immediately find what interests you the most and keep an accurate record of your follow-up tasks!
  • Get immediate feedback about your publications from your target audience! Get their feedback as soon as possible and get an accurate view of your sales and ideas, directly from a central platform.

With its content tracking system and news flow, you will not miss anything from your competitors or your employees. A quick & easy read by centralizing all your news in one place, your time is no longer undermined by hours of tiring research

Grow your communication with bots & tools

Simple automation at your fingertips, to do more

  • Support your subscribers and automatically answer 90% of their needs! Now you can instantly send replies, comments, likes, etc. on your Facebook pages and take your customer engagement to a whole new level.
  • Analyzing your campaigns is critical to your business. With Harcomia, we have made this possible. You can now get a complete overview of your social activities and rate their performance to increase your reach, commitment and revenue!
  • Easily manage social profiles while working with your team members. Connect multiple mobile devices and create separate notifications for each device so your employees follow your posts.

Now it's your turn to stand out from thousands of marketers and gain the visibility you need! Get a comprehensive picture of your performance and easily share it with your team. Improve your engagement with the tools and detailed information from any specific social networks.

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  • Post / Schedule Content In All Social Networks

    Save time by scheduling your social media publications. Stay active on social media 24/7 by scheduling your publications at a time, on all your accounts.

  • Run Viral Contests & Sweepstakes

    Get your visitors to bring you even more visitors by enticing them with a cool giveaway or reward if they invite their friends!

  • Spy / Discover & Curate Viral Content

    Quickly check your competitors’ feeds and specifically target the nearby viral actions. Harcomia algorithms is capable of sorting out relevant published contents.

  • Easily Integrates With Your Existing Website

    Simply insert a snippet of codes, and Harcomia will automatically integrates existing autoresponders, landing pages, templates, and more!

  • Run Campaigns From Any Location

    No need to download or install any program, it can run with any web browser! Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile-Friendly