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[Harcomia]: Harmony Communication IA.

Eco-system & blockchain dedicated to communication marketing

Name: Harcomia
Ticker: HCA
Max Supply: 5M
Network type: Pos & Masternode
Collateral Masternode: 1000 HCA
Exchange: CREX24
Wallet version: v1.027
Welcome in the HCA Network.
5 Millions Super Rare Max supply
POS / MN Network type confirmation
1000 coin for collateral

How The Harcomia Coin Works

Native Currency

The Harcomia Platform and service has a native currency, the Harcomia coin (HCA). All transactions made between platform and consumers will require HCA. Additionally, service-related products will require HCA.


Apart from being used as the primary currency in the Harcomia ecosystem, HCA is required for operating a masternode to secure the Harcomia network. Masternode operators get rewards for their work with a return on investment (ROI) commensurate with their collateral.

Harcomia Coin View






5 Millions.

Block Time

60 Sec.

Masternodes Collateral

1000 HCA.


100.000 - 2%.


Download the wallet below and get started with Harcomia. You can also directly download the HARCOMIA Core wallet from Github.


Network and Financial Scope

Harcomia (HCA) masternodes are, in essence, decentralized nodes which host a wallet containing a collateralized amount of HCA.

These collateralized nodes perform several tasks including:

Harcomia masternode operators receive a passive income for accomplishing the work of securing the network. The amount of collateral and masternodes owned determine your ROI.

Financial Role And Passive Income

Harcomia Masternodes create an extra investment incentive for people have collateral require. Using the HCA coin they generate from transacting on the Harcomia Platform & Marketplace, they can operate their own masternodes to create a secondary passive source of income.
Running a Harcomia Masternode to earn a passive income is available to anyone who purchases the amount of HCA collateral necessary.

Coin Distribution


The Harcomia coin distribution event places a premium on research, development, and adoption. These three points are the pillars of Harcomia forward-looking approach, buoyed by additional funding for other key areas such as legal counsel, operating costs, and business partnership development. With a balanced coin distribution model, Harcomia sets the foundation for success.

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